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    Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Settings and Fine Diamonds at Elsa Rings New York. Elsa Jewelry is a design studio specializing in diamond engagement rings, diamond settings, engagement settings, fine engagement diamonds for wedding jewelry with only fine quality diamonds. For diamond wedding rings, custom engagement rings design and fine diamond settings Elsa offers high quality cut diamonds in all diamonds shapes, fine quality loose cut diamonds, also non conflict, certified canadian conflict free diamonds. All loose cut diamonds are GIA Certified Diamonds from Elsa Rings - New York. Elsa custom hand crafts Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Settings and Fine Diamonds.



    Platinum Care

    platinum jewelry

    Care of Your Precious Platinum Rings and Jewelry

    Platinum is one of the strongest of precious metals, never tarnishes, and with its intense luster, wears beautifully. Scratches and other metallic blemish spots polish completely off.

    Platinum is hypoallergenic, extremely dense and remarkably heavy - much more so than silver or gold. Platinum enhances the quality of jewelry and the stones that are set into it. View some Men's Platinum Wedding Rings - As you can see, the desirable quality of platinum is in its extreme durability.

    When a customer comes into our shop to have a priceless engagement or wedding ring repaired or cleaned, invariably, the ring is made from platinum. As with many other things knowledge is golden. Most owners of platinum jewelry know that it is a very strong, durable metal. They also have heard that it scratchs easily and fades as it ages.

    About Platinum

    It is the strongest of all precious metals used for jewelry production
    1. Because of its strength it can be used at 95% purity – at that purity gold, for instance is way too soft to withstand the daily wear and tear that rings sustain. Therefore, we usually use gold at 60% purity – 14K gold – or 75% purity – 18K gold – for rings.

    2. Purity also produces a softness in all metals. The purer - the softer. Same goes for platinum.

    3. Softness means that the metal sustains scratches easier. The confusion comes when people mistakenly believe that gold doesn’t scratch. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 95% pure gold scratches much easier than platinum. All precious metals that are pure will scratch. It’s just that we do not use them with as high purity as platinum because they are too weak.

    4. The scratches give platinum a grayish tone after some period of time.

    5. The scratches can be polished out with special rouges and buffers. Most Retailers do not carry this special equipment, not do they have qualified experts that know how to work with platinum.

    6. Once polished, platinum returns to its famous high patina shine. Because of the denseness of its molecules it shines brighter than any other precious metal.

    Care of Your Elsa Platinum Jewelry and Rings

    1. Platinum is very easy to care for. As with any piece of jewelry, avoid wearing it when doing housework or gardening.

    2. Diamond rings require extra special vigilance. Diamonds, although the strongest known substance known to man, are still a crystal. What does that mean? It means that it can chip and crack if you hit it into a sharp or hard object.

    3. Once a year, your platinum ring can receive a good polish, removing all the scratches.

    4. Cleaning should be done on a weekly basis – place your ring into a bottle of jewelry cleaner for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with hot water. (Never over a sink)

    5. Platinum is regarded as the finest metal for jewelry. It is naturally white, 90-95% pure, and 35 times more rare than gold. The high luster of platinum is distinctive. It is the strongest precious metal used in jewelry, and is almost twice as heavy as 14k gold.

      Caring for your Platinum Jewelry will ensure a lifetime of pleasure when wearing it.


      Here is What You Must Know:

      1. You can polish platinum jewelry over and over again.

      2. Problems will arise when sizing platinum rings.

      3. What not to do when having your platinum repaired.

      Many people believe that platinum turns a grayish color when it ages. This is incorrect. Platinum, due to its purity, scratches easier then metals with much greater percentages of alloys, like 14K gold. The tin scratches make the jewelry look as if it is turning gray. The key to keeping your platinum jewelry looking like new is..

      1. Remove your platinum jewelry when doing housework, cooking, bathing, or other high energy activities.

      2. Avoid placing your platinum jewelry where other pieces of jewelry can come into contact with it and can scratch it

      Can you polish platinum jewelry over and over again?

      The answer is, YES. Platinum has such atomic strength between its molecules that no matter how often you polish it will not loose any metal.

      The problem is that most local jewelers do not have the right rouges and polishing wheels to do the proper job.

      What problems will arise when you size platinum rings?

      Sizing platinum rings is a big problem. The great amount of heat necessary to work with platinum is not practical for local jewelers to work with. What most local jewelers do instead is use 14K white solder, which turns into a black line on the bottom of a ring.

      The best way to size a platinum ring is by using modern laser technology, which only a handful of companies offer directly to consumers.



    The Perfect Diamond Engagement or Wedding Ring brought to you by the most established online retailer of GIA Certified Diamonds and wedding ring sets.

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    All Elsa loose diamonds are GIA certified diamonds and, therefore, we offer only diamonds with superior cuts for maximum brilliance.

    We have consistently demonstrated our full commitment to our valued clients by only offering GIA Certified Diamonds diamond rings

    Or, if you prefer, choose from a wide, high quality selection of Conflict Free Diamonds diamond rings



    You Can Have The Perfect Diamond

    brought to you by the most established online retailer of GIA Certified Diamonds and Bridal Rings!


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