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Marquises Diamonds: Marquise is the shape of a football - top view. The Marquise is a slender striking cut if well proportioned popular for up market designer pieces. The shape lends it self to being visually bigger with a bigger table spread for carat weight than traditional cuts, it has a line of beauty that can be used running up and down the finger. The typical Marquise Brilliant diamond contains 56 facets.

The demand for marquise brilliant diamonds has declined in
recent years with the oval brilliant taking over the elongated symmetrical fancy shape of choice.

marquise diamonds

Shp Sz Clr Clrty Dpth Tbl Grdl Cut Pol symm flor meas GIA
MQ 9.71 D VS1 64.3 59 VTN-TNF M G VG N 24.41X10.35X6.65 G
MQ 7.65 D IF 63.2 57 TN-SLTKF SM VG VG N 19.77X10.26X6.48 G
MQ 7.41 F SI2 60.1 63 MD-TKF S G G MB 20.17X10.07X6.05 G
MQ 7.28 G VVS2 60.8 61 TH-SLTKF S VG G FT 23.06X9.66X5.87 G
MQ 5.38   63.5 58 TH-MDF S G G N 18.42X9.40X5.97 G
MQ 2.51 G VS1 55.6 51 MD-TK,F VS G G F 14.89X7.25X4.03 G
MQ 2.41 G SI1 59.4 55 EXTN-SLTK,F N G G F 13.91X7.27X4.32 G
MQ 1.54 E VS2 56 57 MD-TK,F SM G G N 13.91X5.77X3.23 G
MQ 1.52 D VS2 58.1 53 MEDVTKF SM G VG N 11.43X6.26X3.64 G
MQ 1.33 F SI1 65.9 58 TNSLTKF N G G N 11.99X5.55X3.66 G
MQ 1.3 H SI1 55.8 52 VTN-MEDF N VG G N 11.47X6.04X3.37 G
MQ 1.09 D VS2 51.4 60 MD-SLTK,F N VG G N 11.68X5.74X2.95 G
MQ 1.07 E SI1 61.5 61 TN-SLTK,F N G G MB 10.31X5.63X3.46 G
MQ 1.05 F SI2 59.2 53 MEDTKF N G G N 1087X5.44X3.22 G
MQ 1.04   G
MQ 1.02   G
MQ 1.01 D VS1 50.3 59 VTN-SLTK,F SM VG G N 11.48X5.63X2.83 G
MQ 1.01 E SI2 59.8 51 MD-SLTK,F N VG G N 10.90X5.17X3.09 G
MQ 1.01 G VS1 65.2 56 MD0TK,F N G G VB 10.12X5.26X3.43 G
MQ 1.01 H IF 59.7 56 MD-TK,F VS G G N 9.81X5.43X3.24 G
MQ 1 E SI2 63.6 54 EXTN-SLTL,F N G G N 10.25X5.41X3.44 G
MQ 0.91 D VS2 66.3 55 MEDSLTKF N G G MB 9.30X5.11X3.39 G
MQ 0.72 E SI1 57.2 58 VTNMEDF N G G N 9.16X5.04X2.88 G

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