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    designer diamond engagement rings

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    Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Settings and Fine Diamonds at Elsa Rings New York. Elsa Jewelry is a design studio specializing in diamond engagement rings, diamond settings, engagement settings, fine engagement diamonds for wedding jewelry with only fine quality diamonds. For diamond wedding rings, custom engagement rings design and fine diamond settings Elsa offers high quality cut diamonds in all diamonds shapes, fine quality loose cut diamonds, also non conflict, certified canadian conflict free diamonds. All loose cut diamonds are GIA Certified Diamonds from Elsa Rings - New York. Elsa custom hand crafts Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Settings and Fine Diamonds.



    Latest Designer Styles at Elsa Jewelry

    Designer Diamond Jewelry Elsa Original Designs New York

    Elsa Designers Can Guide You to the Perfect Style

    Designer Diamond Jewelry Elsa Original Designs New York

    Diamond Jewelry • New York's Designer Jeweler • Elsa Rings


    Styles in engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings have changed along with the times over the years.

    Finding your own unique style will take some time if you want your rings to be a visual expression of your taste in design.

    But, naturally, you also want your rings to endure all of your years together.

    Some designs and styles have remained strong and solid such as the very popular and classic such as this spectacular bridal set. .Lady's Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring Set, Prong & Bar Settings with Rounds and Baguettes is .96 TW. in 14K White Gold and 7.5 mm wide.

    Elsa Bridal Wedding Sets are designed to complement each other while each ring retains its uniqueness…and each can be worn alone.


    A Featured Custom Design: Citrine Ring in 18K Gold Surrounded by Pave Set Diamonds


    Citrine : The Success Stone

    Citrine's sunny color has made it a gem thought to radiate positive energy. According to gemstone lore, Citrine not only radiates positive energy while dissipating negative energy. Citrine is thought to promote prosperity, and abundance.



    Tiger's Eye, Citrine and 18K Yellow Gold


    Tiger's Eye and 18K Yellow Gold

    Tiger Eye Earrings - 18k Yellow Yold - Style Number: 24384-B
    Citrine and Tiger Eye Necklace - Style Number: 24384-A
    Tiger Eye Pendant - 18k Yellow Gold Enhancer - Style Number: 24384-C

    Not all custom designs show price info.
    Elsa Original Designs Fine Fashion Jewelry More of The Latest Styles


    Modern Engagement Ring in Platinum and 24KT Gold is 13.2mm wide


    modern diamond engagement rings

    Award Winning Original Designs You Will See Only In The Elsa Line

    The diamond engagement ring is, for most people, a symbol of eternal love. A love that will survive the hands of time. This is quite fitting as the diamond is the hardest element in the world. Modern Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum and 24K Yellow Gold - This Ring is 13.2mm wide and can be set with: 1-2 carat round stone. Prong Metal: Platinum - Setting is Half Bezel

    Style Number: Sam-SD1424-w More of The Latest Styles


    The "fire" from a colorless diamond is its most prized attribute. Dispersion is the separation of white light into the rainbow colors. The greater the dispersion, the greater the spectrum of colors that are refracted from diamonds. When a diamond is cut to good proportions, light is reflected from one facet to another - and then dispersed through the top of the stone. Style No: ADW More of The Latest Styles

    18K White Gold Fancy Solitaire Engagement Ring - Hand Engraved More of The Latest Styles


    All Elsa Diamond Rings and Designer Jewelry Is Made Using The Finest, Full-Cut GIA Certified Diamonds

    Classic elegance, high quality. Full-cut Diamonds. Enjoy our large selection, or have us design and fabricate wedding jewelry just for you. They can be as you see them on our site, they can be customized and changed to your specifics, or a totally original design can be created for you.

    engagement ring

    The princess cut diamond, and the brilliant cut, can have more than 57 facets. One should also take into consideration the color of the diamond. The whiter the color, the more expensive the diamond. Another consideration is the diamond's clarity, which refers to the lack of imperfections in the stone.

    One of the more modern styles is the one that uses platinum in the setting. Unlike yellow gold and white gold, platinum has become much more popular and trend setting in recent years. Brides are drawn to its unique color and luster. And Platinum, in fact, is actually more expensive than gold.

    Price not available for all original designs. Call 1-631-293-4500 for information.

    As a design studio, we can create original customized designs for you, from the
    Simple to the Unusual


    Lifestyle, preference and the overall style of the engagement ring should all be considered when deciding which metal will work best for your ring. Deciding which metal works best for your engagement ring is a big decision. Choose your precious metal wisely.

    The three stone diamond engagement ring styles have also remained popular and many still believe that this signifies ‘I Love You’.

    More Matching Wedding and Engagement Ring in Elsa Bridal Wedding Sets

    past, present, future diamond engagement ring


    Antique Designs - Pave' Diamond Engagement / Wedding Ring Set


    Antique Pave' Diamond Engagement Ring

    Totally mesmerizing 1.20 round cut brilliant center diamond puts on the ritz & glitz in this antique style engagement ring. The radiance of pave' set diamonds illuminates the center stone - and one another. An exciting ring and easy on the eye even for the next 50 years.

    This incredible 7.7mm wide ring enables her to wear her engagement ring as a wedding band, as well. Step up to the height of jewelry fashion by giving her only certified diamonds with a custom diamond ring from Elsa Jewelry.

    Style Number: E105-R-w

    In Elsa Engagement Rings : Antique More of The Latest Styles




    What are Custom Designed Rings? When you come to Elsa to design your own rings, your custom setting can be made from scratch with wax and CADs, so you get exactly the design style that you intend to have. You're not just choosing a diamond and having it placed in a setting you selected from ineventory. When you have your ring custom designed by Elsa, we fabricate your ring in your choice of metal, with your own design from a picture, a drawing or from an ad, or we can design your ring for you, to your liking.

    If you've looked at many designs and still can't find what you want, do not want a custom designed ring, but do want a custom designer touch, then you can select a combination of features at Elsa. You can choose from a number of the more common shapes in diamonds, including: round, princess, emerald, asscher, radiant, pear, heart, cushion, marquise, oval and, as well as a wide variety of Fancy Shaped Diamonds.

    If you select gold for your metal, you will need to choose between 18K and 14K Gold, or a combination of metals. You can also select white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

    When choosing a setting you also need to consider the style you'd like in a ring. There are endless designs and styles in ring settings, such as a four prong modern solitaire setting for a princess cut diamond or a six-prong milgrain and channel settings for a round diamond and you can choose a half-moon diamond that you want in an antique bezel setting. The style and setting of your ring will determine how your diamond is presented to its greatest advantage.

    Shop for and order diamonds and diamond rings securely on-line at Elsa Rings
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