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    Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Settings and Fine Diamonds at Elsa Rings New York. Elsa Jewelry is a design studio specializing in diamond engagement rings, diamond settings, engagement settings, fine engagement diamonds for wedding jewelry with only fine quality diamonds. For diamond wedding rings, custom engagement rings design and fine diamond settings Elsa offers high quality cut diamonds in all diamonds shapes, fine quality loose cut diamonds, also non conflict, certified canadian conflict free diamonds. All loose cut diamonds are GIA Certified Diamonds from Elsa Rings - New York. Elsa custom hand crafts Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Settings and Fine Diamonds.



    The Web Contains Much Info About Diamonds

    1. Diamond quality, for instance, can be studied on the De Beer's site, A Diamond is Forever. On their home page click on The 4 Cs. (See Anatomy of a Diamond )

    2. There are sites where you can also learn about the different properties of metals like platinum, titanium, gold and silver - as well as their daily price on the precious metals market. Knowing about their durability, strength, color, plating, porosity, will help you make the right decision about which metal to choose when buying jewelry.

    3. The proper care of your platinum jewelry is very important. Wearing jewelry 24/7 is likely to create wear and tear jewelry wasn't designed to undergo. The use of steamers, sonic cleaners and jewelry cleaners all have their pros & cons.

    loose diamonds The hidden identity of internet retailers should also be of great concern.

    Misrepresentation of quality is the easiest area that a buyer must:

    be aware of Websites that can create an impression of being an established, reputable business --THAT MAY NOT BE TRUE; AT ALL.. !!

    What Comprises an Anatomy of a Diamond

    By understanding basic definitions, however, you can demonstrate to your jeweler that you are more than a casual observer or impulse buyer, and they will be more willing to explain the intricate details of each stone you examine. Different diamond shapes have slightly different requirements for ideal proportions based on how light is reflected within the stone to maximize its brilliance.


    The table, or top of the diamond, is the largest facet on the stone. On a round stone, it will be octagonal, and it should be perfectly centered. The table size will vary depending on the shape and color of the stone in order to provide the most sparkle with reflected light.


    The stone’s crown is the narrow upper area, above the girdle. In many settings, this part of the stone will be above the prongs or metal holding the stone in place, and it will be most visible. Because of this, it is the most prone to scratches.


    The girdle is a narrow band, parallel to the stone’s table, and is the widest part of the gem. Girdle thickness is critical to the diamond’s strength and must be sufficient to prevent accidental chips and cracks. At the same time, a girdle that is too thick will add worthless carat weight to the stone and increase the price tag, even though the stone’s brilliance will be diminished. By being familiar with the anatomy of a diamond, you can avoid this type of poor cut and unnecessary expense.

    diamond anatomy


    The stone’s pavilion is the area below the girdle that typically comprises the longest part of the stone except for emerald or other rectangular shapes. In many settings, the pavilion is obscured, but the prong or tiffany setting reveals the pavilion and increases the diamond’s brilliance by allowing light to enter at different parts of the stone.


    The cutlet is the tiny facet at the bottom of the pavilion, parallel to the table, and is often used to even out the facets of the diamond and give it a more symmetrical appearance. Ideally, a stone will have no cutlet, but that perfection is rarely achieved. A large cutlet will often appear as a dark spot or hole through the stone when viewed through the table.


    The stone’s facets are the smooth, polished planes that make up its surface. In a typical round shape, there are 58 facets, though fancy shapes and signature cuts often have a greater number. The fewer facets a stone has, the less reflection and brilliance it will exhibit, though a totally smooth stone without facets has its own unique appeal.


    Finding Exceptional Quality Through the Anatomy of a Diamond

    By understanding the anatomy of a diamond, you can assure that any stone you purchase is of exceptional quality and avoid common cutting flaws, such as a thicker girdle. Another consideration is the angle of the girdle between the crown and the pavilion: this affects the reflection and appearance of the stone.

    Every stones' shape and cut requires different proportions for the best appearance: if you have already decided on a shape before shopping for your engagement ring, be sure to investigate the specific dimensions that are ideal for that shape.

    By being an educated shopper, you can easily purchase a quality stone that will not only wow your fiancé, but will be a brilliant investment for many years.


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